⤞ What is The Field? ⤝

The Field is an Eco, back-to-basics farmhouse in rural France, where you can come to relax, learn, unwind and get closer to nature.

Everything here has been built or renovated responsibly, using reclaimed and repurposed items and materials.

The entire site and grounds have a friendly, cosy and restorative atmosphere that lends itself perfectly to the activities planned throughout the spring and summer.

We run Pilates and Yoga classes, retreats and Yoga Teacher Training. Some lead by our own teachers and others by special guests.

The Field is also a rentable space where you can run your own workshop or retreat.

We have a tiny craft shop on site, where you can try your hand at making some of the gifts we sell for yourself.

⤞ This Season's Retreats ⤝

Yoga, Pilates and Vegan Food     - go to dates -

Yoga Teacher Training.

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Wake up to beautiful sunshine in the quiet french countryside, step out into the peaceful gardens and soak up the energy ready for your day.

With help from your instructors, find new inspiration within your practice, reach new goals and feel your mind and body connect. Let the amazing you be free and grow.

Classes are engaging and fun and you will be encouraged to work as hard or as gently as you need to, for you, that day. We will also make sure you have enough free time to let all of it sink in.

Help yourself from the fruit trees, cool off in the pool, or simply relax.

If you enjoy photography, sketching, reading, writing, playing an instrument or being crafty, don't forget your gear! There are quiet places all over the property where you can let your creative side roam.

If not, you are welcome to join in instead with other activities that happen around the farm. There are gardens and a veggie patch, an orchard and a polytunnel.

If you want to explore, there is loads to see and do nearby, markets, châteaux, antiques, swimming, canoeing, basket weaving, wine tasting, tree adventures, zip-lining and more.

Based in an old farmhouse with amazing vista views of the French countryside The Field Retreat is a calm and beautiful haven, surrounded by rolling countryside and amazing skies.

⤞ Accomodation ⤝

All of our Eco-rooms have a cosy log-cabin feel to them and are perfect for the warm spring and summer months.

As well as retreat accomodation, the rooms are rentable between courses for holiday makers, - or the entire space for anyone wishing to run a retreat of their own.

We have simple single, double and the possibility of triple rooms.

Although we are not a camping site, if you prefer to sleep under the stars it can be easily arranged.

There is a kitchenette for those who prefer to make their own food or just  for daily refreshments.

In the summer months we have a plunge pool.

There is a 360˚ vista view from almost everywhere on the property and all of the rooms have a view...

Local sights -

There are many local sights and beautiful old villages. Gorgeous walks and bicycle trails. There are several lakes for both fishing and water activities.

Stunning old churches and cosy local cafes.


The Field's Craft Shop


Homemade gifts, using as many

eco-friendly products as possible,

including home-grown or

recycled products.