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BAM Bamboo Clothing

The mastermind behind Bamboo Clothing started this business from his garage after he realised he needed to start an environmentally friendly and sustainable business.

A little more upmarket, but still not super-expensive. Mainly workout gear, as being an amazing athlete himself, he knows what to look for.... most of the products are therefore perfect for class.

Go check them out.

Thoughts: So-tired of my tired-out Pilates 'Ninja' outfit - what should I do?


So,..... recycled clothing.

Having worn my current gear till it's completely threadbare. Having patched and repaired it all till there is more repair than actual outfit, I have finally admitted that I cannot escape having to purchase something new.

(Dramatic, scary movie-music in the background).

In an attempt to quiet the little voice in my head that keeps shouting about the planet, I have turned my attention, therefore, towards companies that make responsible choices, use recycled materials and organic fibres.

Happy to find, there are many, and unlike some years ago where nobody on a budget could afford it anyway, there are fabulous people out there that are actually more concerned with our planet than earning an extra buck - respect!

I have found the following, that I can honestly say are well worth checking out.