The Field

⤞ About The Field ⤝

Facilities, layout, studios, rooms and incredible views.

The Field is beautiful. A haven of tranquility, surrounded by rolling hills.

The gardens are full of wild flowers, bumble bees, gekko and beautiful birds.

The pond is full of frogs and also the odd duck or goose.

We try to leave as much of it untouched as possible, to keep natural habitats for the local wildlife.

The Butler family occupy the main house and are The Field's keepers and protectors.

You are welcome to go to them for help or with questions during your stay, whatever your stay may be - a course, retreat or just holiday.

In the front garden, there is a 5.5 metre plunge pool - soon to be upgraded to a larger permanent structure. Perfect as it is however to cool off when it's gets very hot.

The open hangar is where we eat most of our meals, and where you'll find the stairs to the yoga room/studio.

The studio is large enough for about 10 mats and has large glass doors that open onto what is possibly one of the best views in the county.

Next to the hangar is the guest accommodation, which has been re-purposed out of an old vegetable store and Pigsty!

Keeping all of the old features, the space has a rustic Eco-Dormitory feel to it, while each room still has its' own complete privacy.

We have single, double and triple rooms, and all are simple, cosy, and comfortable.

We have crafted new windows to fit the old sty openings and re-fitted the barn doors and partition walls using all reclaimed materials, collected either from the farm itself or from nearby recycling centres. The only exception being the window frames that were hand crafted by Mr Jack Butler, (the amazing American craftsman) using American red oak he salvaged from a barn being torn down near his home.

The bathrooms have dry sawdust toilets, which, if you have not used them before you will be very surprised to find are easy to use and, if used correctly do not have an odor at all.

This saves 1000's of litres of water and is far better for the environment in general.

There is also a simple guest kitchen, where you can cook your own meals or make refreshments..

Next to the accommodation is the orchard garden, with it's pergolas and outdoor sitting area. If you are visiting us at the right time of year, there are apples, pears, peaches, figs, raspberries, blackberries, plums and currants. There are also several nut trees, but unless you want to stand vigil, the chances are high that the squirrels and birds will beat you to it.

Through the archway and into the back garden, you will find the pond, another orchard and yet another amazing view of the countryside.

The Field owns the three fields around it, so there are no close neighbours.

There is a "chemin" or walkway down one side of the property, which you can follow to take walks around the area and down to the little river in the valley below.

Blissfully peaceful. - Come see for yourself!